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"Show your love for ScaryAmmi. The only digital parenting platform in Pakistan. We promote open communication and awareness of online activities to enhance child safety online. The purpose is to guide education, set boundaries, promote positive behavior, and foster media literacy. Educating parents how they navigate the digital world"

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Puzzle Play Mat
Puzzle Play Mat

Best Seller

Puzzle Play Mat
Gun Toy for Kids
Gun Toy for Kids

Best Seller

Gun Toy for Kids
Engineering Play Set
Engineering Play Set

Best Seller

Engineering Play Set
Doctor Set for Kids 17Pcs | Medical Kit Toys, Play Sets, and Bags | Affordable Prices in Pakistan
Doctor Set for Kids 17Pcs | Medical Kit Toys, Play Sets, and Bags | Affordable Prices in Pakistan

Best Seller

Doctor Set for Kids 17Pcs | Medical Kit Toys, Play Sets, and Bags | Affordable Prices in Pakistan

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I am very happy with the service and quality of clothes.

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Very informative group!Glad to be part of it since years 💓


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Best place for females to get help for any aspect of digital parenting.


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Best worldwide group ....i requested to all ladies to join this group.

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