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ScaryAmmi is Pakistan’s largest mothering platform with almost 300,000+ members globally, which are increasing rapidly. It is an online community for mothers to come together and help each other in matters relevant to motherhood, childcare and all mother-centric topics.

ScaryAmmi has expanded into a PR and Event Management platform focused on transforming brand strategy, accelerating brand growth and boosting revenue growth.

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With 300,000+ national members present in our community, we are the first and largest digital parenting platform in Pakistan which transformed into a PR and Event Management company focusing on revamping brand strategy, accelerating brand growth and boosting revenue growth. Our services include:

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With Over 2000+ customers and 20+ partners, We have worked with the following brands:

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E-learning Platform

Our community management team has created a safe and easily accessible space for women where they come together to provide or seek guidance on mother-centric topics. It is also an E-learning platform where women are also educated and enlightened on social, economic and professional issues.


Through our platform, you will get the opportunity to connect with professionals belonging to diverse fields of life. From bloggers, socialites and entrepreneurs to corporate professionals and experts; you can get in touch with any expert through us!

Exciting Events

We organize different events aimed at empowering and enabling startups, women and child-led businesses and promoting existing brands. Our events provide multiple opportunities for content creation, and brand growth which benefit both our attendees and participants alike.

PR and Event Management

We provide PR for startups and women-led businesses, thereby enabling them to promote and flourish their businesses. Our events provide immense opportunities for strong brand recognition, brand awareness and reach.

What Our Client Say

I have been a member of the ScaryAmmi online community for the past 2 years, and this community is like my family. I remember when I asked for suggestions on whether or not I should bottle feed my baby, I received numerous practical suggestions in response. It really helped me in my decision-making process.

I was invited to join ScaryAmmi’s Facebook Group by a friend. Ever since then, this community has become my safe space to seek support and suggestions from mothers all over Pakistan especially in areas of childcare and motherhood. This is the only platform that I trust with my personal queries and concerns. During my postpartum recovery phase, I confided about my emotional and mental struggles in the group, and the welcoming response I received made me feel right at home. I even gained a few friends for life who regularly contacted to check up on me.

One thing that I really like about ScaryAmmi Platform is that they hold frequent Live Sessions on popular topics or queries that come from the members of the group. One such session that I personally benefited from was the Webinar on Pregnancy Tenure and Psychological Effect on Health. The guest speakers were a psychologist and a gynecologist who held a very productive discussion and answered each person’s queries individually.

I would like to acknowledge the founder of ScaryAmmi who created this community for ammis across Pakistan as an E-learning platform. Their Facebook Group has amazing insights on topics of women’s health, pregnancy, postpartum care and women’s social and professional issues. I personally benefited a lot from their discussions on pregnancy and child-care.

The one thing I absolutely love about ScaryAmmi is that it is a group for women of all ages. It does not target any particular age and is a highly inclusive platform. I am a woman of 40 years of age and a single mother to 3. I live abroad away from my family and have no one to turn to in matters pertaining to my children's growth and upbringing. This group helped me a lot during my children’s teenage phase of tantrums and mood swings, and helped me tackle them effectively.

Living away from family, I had to face so many problems when I became a mother for the first time. However, ScaryAmmi became my go-to platform for seeking advice during this time. I felt so welcomed and understood, and all of my queries were answered promptly. Ever since, I have invited multiple friends to join this amazing community.

I began my baking business after marriage, but I lacked the resources to promote my business. Then I learned about an event organized by ScaryAmmi for small vendors to promote their businesses. I booked my stall with them, and got so much acknowledgement from the audience. People loved my products and appreciated the way I presented them. After that event, I received many orders on my social media and now I have a proper established brand.

I always wanted to establish my own business after marriage, but I could never find the opportunity to do so. Then, one day I attended an event arranged by ScaryAmmi to promote small women-led businesses. That event turned my life around. I gained inspiration from the ammipreneurs community and decided to start my own cooking business. Today, with the help of ScaryAmmi events my business has flourished and I always book a stall in all of their events.

I'm very thankful to ScaryAmmi as I reconnected with my college friend through this platform. I lost touch with her after marriage and then she moved abroad. A few days ago, she commented under one of my queries related to my child’s health and from there, we got in touch again after 35 years. In a way, this community helped me reunite with my childhood friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

ScaryAmmi is the largest digital parenting platform with almost 300,000+ members globally, with an aim to provide desi parents access to all the services and knowledge they need. It is a digital parenting platform for mothers to get together and help each other in matters relevant to motherhood, childcare and all ammi-centric topics.

ScaryAmmi was established with the sole aim of empowering, educating and enabling women in all walks of life. With over 300,000+ members in the online ScaryAmmi platform, the business expanded into PR and Event Management which arranges women-centric events aimed at promoting women-led startups and businesses.

For more details you can visit our social media handles.

If you are looking to collaborate with us to promote, expand or enhance your business, you can reach out to us at the contact details provided.

Reach out to us and become a part of our ever-growing community!

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