China may still be at the top for most reported cases but they are on the road to recovery.

After being labelled as a pandemic, coronavirus has taken an even faster route to destruction. Completely engulfing Europe in its wake, the virus is responsible for around 10,000 deaths from the region alone. This has lead multiple countries to take strict actions and order lockdown with only essential activities allowed. After Pakistan, India is the latest country to drive its population of 1.3 billion into their homes for a nationwide lockdown.

While China has almost completely recovered from this deadly virus, the other countries that it has spread to, are in a state of crisis. Just yesterday, the news showed how just about all of their public places have been restored to function properly. Out of their 81,000(approx) cases of coronavirus, 73,000 have recovered. It sure is a relief and also gives the rest of the countries hope of making out of it. For the countries facing lockdown, things have been very overwhelming for the people but it is absolutely essential in order to flatten the curve.
And even during this whole situation, Italy and Spain have seen to arrange balcony concerts to lighten the mood.
Following is the list of the countries who have been hit and their precautionary measures.


The second worst-hit country by COVID-19, Italy has recorded about 75,300 cases and approx 7,000 deaths. The government is confused as to what should be their next steps to contain the virus. The lockdown is already in place until April 3rd but there are chances of it being extended till July 31st. All movement within the country has been banned along with non-essential activities and businesses but the spread of the virus continues. The people of the country are allowed to step out of their houses but have to show a printed form stating their purpose. They are also allowed to walk their dogs and carry out exercises outdoors but are told to stay in closed proximity of their houses.

People violating the lockdown will be charged a heavy fee.


After Italy, Spain too has surpassed China’s death toll of coronavirus. Almost 49,000 cases have been reported with approx 3,600 people succumbing to the virus. The state of emergency was declared by the government on March 14th and the country went into lockdown. The dos and don’ts stated by the government are somewhat similar to those of Italy with a fine in case of violation too. The schools and offices have been shifted online and only essential activities are allowed.


Iran is one of the worst-hit countries in the world. The Iranis were pretty slow in realising the volume of the disease and continued to ignore the precautionary measures advised by the government. The realisation came late to their government as well as the refused to close down their busiest cities. Today, they report 27,017 cases and 2,077 deaths. Amidst all the sanctions they have been put under, dealing with the situation has been much more difficult for them.


America is at the threat of becoming the next epicentre of coronavirus with 68,489 cases and 1,032 deaths reported as of today. A number of 10,000 new cases has been reported in a single day in the country with New York being the most affected city. The government has ensured complete lockdown.

COVID-19 took the world by surprise and still hasn’t slowed down. At this point, the whole world is a war zone with every individual fighting. In such circumstances where most of the governments have been brought to their knees by the disease, we have to play our own part to ensure our country does not enter that phase. Stay home, stay safe.

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