In our lives today, it is almost impossible to fix ourselves up with a perfect breakfast every day (except obviously if you are a routine-oriented freak). We have had our mothers scold us countless times for skipping our first meal of the day and we have completely ignored it. But it turns out they were right just like they are right about almost everything they say. Various researches have shown how skipping breakfast has so many harmful effects on us and how it is absolutely essential to find time for it every day. Let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons why we should skip skipping breakfast.

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  1. It will never help you lose weight

If you are on the road to lose that fat, this is the worse thing you can ever do. Not having breakfast within a couple of hours of waking up can lead you to overeat throughout the rest of your day. Overeating can also be a result of eating foods in your breakfast that are rich in carbohydrates, as these are broken down very quickly in our body they can lead us to be hungry early in the day. Not eating anything at all can obviously make it worse.

2. Fuzzy brain

When we wake up, our blood sugar is low as our body utilises most of it during the night. We need this and other nutrients to fuel our brain and overall activity throughout the day and if we miss out on it, we’ll be low on energy with a fuzzy brain to work with. You will also find it hard to concentrate on your tasks for the day.

3. Irritability

You will be able to see how missing out on your first proper meal of the day can lead you to be irritated on even very minor things happening around you. Having a proper breakfast before leaving your house can make you feel more positive. Positive vibes can make you more goal-oriented so getting your work done is easier after you have had your breakfast.

4. No detoxification

Your gut and intestines have been idle the whole night and in order to get things moving, it is important that you eat to get this process in motion. This also helps you to speed up your metabolism. After all, it is the most important meal of the day.


5. Deteriorating memory

Your cognitive abilities are most likely to enhance through the day if you have had your breakfast. It – as mentioned before – helps you to focus more and also enhance your spatial and short-term memory in adults and children both.

So, if you have been skipping your breakfast due to any reason, this will be the time to stop. Especially if you are enthusiastic about being routine and health-oriented. For more healthy options, you can go through the ‘Nutrition’ section of our shop or read ‘Our Top Picks From The Scaryammi Website’ to save yourself the struggle.

Hafsa Chughtai

Hafsa Chughtai

Hafsa Chughtai is an undergraduate student with a passion to write and deliver adequate information to the people reading.

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