Ramadan is regarded as the best month of the year so i wanted to make it more special by welcoming this holy month in a beautiful way and decorating a corner of my house specially for Ramadan. Living in UAE after marriage, I’ve observed that families here create moments every day due to the elegant and traditional decor of malls across the country in reverence of ramazan

The glittering cultural symbols hanging from the ceiling and bright arabesque motifs that adorn every corner of the malls reflect the spirit of peace, tranquillity and hospitality during the Holy Month. The glowing installations always inspire me and motivate me to decorate my home for this special month.

Location of my Ramadan Corner

First thought that comes in my mind was which corner should I decorate first for Ramadan. Then I decided to decorate the entrance because it’s the first thing that catch everyone who enters the house, this corner was empty before as my kids are young and they need a space for playing.

Little description of my Ramadan corner

I bought some things as I wanted to give it a brand new look. I had many ideas for this corner and started collecting different decors like flowers, candles, lanterns and lights before ramadan. I had imagined black n gold theme for my lounge so I went for gold articles that can be adjusted in my lounge even after Ramadan. Its so easy to find Ramadan decoration in UAE so I had numerous options. I explored many outlets and then choose according to my theme, I went for a golden table because it’s foldable and can easily adjust under the bed or sofa plus can also used as a tray. Then I bought different lantern’s and candle’s stands to fill that table but still felt that there was something missing. I then added some lightings and flowers but still it seems incomplete without Ramadan logo but I couldn’t find any proper space to add ramadan frame so I got an idea of glueing glittered letters in black with the words ‘Ramadan kareem’ to my old painting, which looked perfect. After adding moon lights n stars to my ceiling it gave this elegant look for Ramadan.

What makes my corner Special

For me everything is special in my corner, i just love each and every piece of my corner because I chose every single thing very carefully and skimmed so many shops for the perfect things. But the most special are the charity box which was my baby girl’s secret box which she happily gave me to make it into a charity box where we add daily sadqa and will donate the money at the end of the month to the deserving person so he can enjoy Eid like us. Another special part is my baby doll’s Ibadah chart which she got from school to fill in daily records which they love to fill it daily.

How I use my corner?

I have 3 daughters and wanted to make a good impact of ramadan on their innocent brains. These decoration excited them and they enjoyed doing different things, so I added some Quran stories, prophet story books and ramadan timings’ card in my corner for my girls to enjoy reading good stories daily and Ibadah chart to encourage them to do good deeds.

As a busy mom to three adorable daughters, Mehwish’s life in the UAE is a constant whirlwind of kids schedules, playdates and school assignments.

Mahwish Ahmed is a mother to 3 beautiful girls ages 8, 6 and 3. She is a biomedical engineer by profession but is currently a simple housewife. She was born in Karachi and has always enjoyed decorating things. Her dream came true when after 10 years of marriage, she got her own house in UAE which she decorated to her heart’s content.

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