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About Us

ScaryAmmi is Pakistan's largest and most engaged digital parenting platform which has a simple mission:
to support parents and provide them access to products, services and knowledge that they need. Our aim is to help DESI parents globally gain access to the tools they need to become the BEST parents possible.

Our first mover's advantage has led to us becoming a global brand pretty quickly with headlines in NPR USA, BBC South Asia, The Independent UK and being invited to World Bank events.

ScaryAmmi has won the Startup Cup Pakistan;
the Standard Chartered Women In Tech award;
runner's up at SHE Loves Tech;
the Connected Women award;
TIE Women Pakistan Winner and numerous others. The brand has been honored at the President House, the Governor House and by multiple women based organizations.

As Ayesha Nasir, Founder of Scaryammi, often says:

"Napolean said: Give me good mothers and I will give you a great nation. Give Pakistan Scaryammis and watch them make the country great."

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