Dear ScaryAmmi!

I’ve been looking for a platform for ages to share my problem but couldn’t find one. My in-laws are very socially active and I was afraid that they would read my post and I would have to go to the same trauma again. I live in London and my family ( Amma Abba) lives in Lahore, Pakistan. I was married to my phopoh’s son 4 years back.

We spent 6 months in Lahore after marriage, went to Naran Kaghan for honeymoon and enjoyed Dawats from all of our relatives. Everything was amazing and my life was too good to be true. I thought I have found my perfect match and he loves me more than anything but that was a myth!

I am the only daughter and my father is a businessman plus he is a renowned personality of a prominent political party (Cannot mention names). Everything he has is going to be mine and this was the only reason why my phopoh loved me very much and decided to make me her Bahu. Kheir, I thought everything they are doing for me is pure and they don’t have my father’s wealth.

After six months when it was the time to fly to London and leave my family behind, I was very emotional and crying and my phopoh ensured that she’s going to take care of me more than my mother which was a lie too. We flew and when I reached London I was given a nice reception by my sisters-in-law and I had no idea what was going to happen with me. Just when the reception ended and I was headed to my new home I came to know that I had to pay the bill to the caterers. That was quite shocking but my husband told me that his cards aren’t working so he will return the money as soon as when his card will start working.

It was the beginning of the nightmare that’s still not ended. After a few days, I was asked to call my father for money. When I refused to call, I was beaten. My husband slapped me really hard that I fainted and don’t know what happened next. When I awake I was in my room and my room was locked. My phone was misplaced and my important documents like passport, CNIC, Nikkah-nama and everything else was also not where I placed it.

Little did I knew what was going to happen next? I feel like I am caged. I don’t talk to my parents in private I mean when they call I have to talk in front of my Saas and pretend that everything is fine. I’m doing a part-time job in a café and writing this from my office right now.

My father has always taught me to be very strong in every situation and that’s what I am being right now. I have high hopes in Allah’s mercy and believe that this too shall pass. I just want all of you to pray for me and yes suggest to me what can I do to make my in-laws kind? My mother is a heart patient and I can’t tell her the reality. I’ve been sacrificing everything just for the sake of my parents as they can’t see me in such a situation.



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