Typically it’s thought that girls who live far away from in laws abroad in some far away place with the husband without the tension of the saas, susar and nand and of course the tough routine of Pakistani joint families are better off.

Having proper arranged breakfasts with desi ghee parathas and tea and always going around gossiping about neighbours and kitty parties are normal in desi countries like Pakistan and the girls who are away from all this are considered the most luckiest. It’s very common to hear that “Ohh she lives in Dubai, Muscat, UK USA etc etc and,

“Wo tou bari mauj main ho ge! Mazay hain us kay !” 

And other similar remarks can be heard every now and then but the reality is it’s totally opposite to it.

No doubt she is alone there far away from her home in some unfamiliar place, in a small apartment, leaving a big house in her home country, her comfort zone and leaving behind the most important factor: Maids ! 

The luxury of having maids around all day, going in and out around you and being available for every little need of yours, from serving you glass of water, to cleaning your closets, tidying up your rooms, ironing your clothes to literally everything else.

Girls living abroad have to do every little thing themselves like cleaning the washrooms sinks and even learning to repair like a plumber .

Every week starts from the grocery maintenance list if God forbid you forget onions you have to wait for the whole week so the husband can find some time to bring them from the market.

The day starts with the same old boring routine with preparing breakfast, then lunch and then dinner. The cycle of cooking, washing the dishes and the clothes every single day is never ending and every single chore takes its toll on your body making your day end with a back pain and a tough sleep!

So to cut the story short, life is never a piece of cake and anyone who thinks that living abroad away from your parents and family, being deprived of attending every family occasion like Eid and weddings and other social gatherings is easy? 

Well it’s not. 

So let’s not judge and assume what kind of life anybody else is living. Be happy and enjoy where you are. 

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