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The concept of kidspreneur originated from the CEO of ScaryAmmi, Ayesha Nasir’s
realization of the fact that entrepreneurship is not so much a skill as it has become a
necessity in modern times. Being a mom of 4 and an entrepreneur herself, she
recognized the growing need to enlighten children about the tools and skills of
entrepreneurship at a young age.
ScaryAmmi’s main objective is to empower ammis and children alike. Business ideas
are ever growing, and when infused with the right amount of creativity, they are sure to
catch the audience’s attention; and there is nothing more creative than a child’s mind.
However, creative ideas alone cannot guarantee success. It is with the right business
development strategy, proper execution and apt cost benefit analysis that businesses
flourish; this is where ScaryAmmi aims to help. By organizing events such as
Kidspreneur, ScaryAmmi aims to instill the skill of entrepreneurship in young minds, and
include child-led businesses into mainstream entrepreneurship, alongside providing pr
for startups, and opportunity for brand growth. It also aims to educate children regarding
business growth strategies, alongside encouraging parents on how to encourage their
children in this regard.
The event enables startup growth of SMEs by providing them the golden opportunity for
brand recognition and growth. Children’s imagination, as they say, knows no bounds;
and it is within this very concept that the most innovative business ideas originate. To
cultivate these ideas into reality, Kidspreneur provides SMEs and child-led businesses
the perfect platform for brand growth and expansion.
In addition to it being a platform dedicated to kidspreneurs, it is also a festival which
offers entertainment and engaging activities for the audience. There are always a
diverse number of activities including but not limited to robotics and STEM activities,
which aim to inculcate scientific principles in children in a practical and engaging way;
such a fun way to learn! Additionally, there are various stalls for snacking and
refreshments and of course open stalls run by children, which portray the essence of
kidspreneur. These stalls are put up by our vendors, and the products offered by them
are thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. So far, 3 such events have been arranged and
successfully executed, where the average footfall of each was 1000+.
Kidspreneur has one goal: to encourage children to transform their creative aspirations
into achievements and help children take the reins of their own destiny, and ScaryAmmi
works to achieve this goal

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