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The Ammi Fair

The Ammi Fair is a Community Pop Up arranged with the sole incentive of bringing
ammipreneurs forward; because there is nothing these superhumans can’t do!
Ammis running businesses is not a new thing, however, there are still a number of
mothers who do not have access to the proper resources and forums to promote and
establish their businesses; and this is where the Ammi Fair comes in! This Community
Pop Up provides a platform to all women-led businesses, SMEs and startups to bring
their products and introduce them to the public eye. The Fair provides not only a
platform for recognition of such businesses, but also provides them with the prospect to
increase brand awareness, network with other similar businesses and promote the
products that they have to offer.
ScaryAmmi opted for the idea of community pop ups because of its principle philosophy
of providing women, especially mothers, the right tools, information support and
guidance in order to facilitate and empower them. Its online community was also
established on the principles of support and guidance for desi parents across Pakistan,
and it has an ever-growing number of 300,000+ members. All the audience is
women-centered, with the majority of them being mothers.
So far, 2 editions of the Ammi Fair have been organized, both of which were immensely
successful and received massive applause from the audience. For these events, there
are over 250 vendors and multiple bloggers on board. Some of these vendors include
Myne’s Cakery, Taraash, Totknot, Pinksoul and Hoops & Loops among others. These
vendors offer products such as delicious desserts, delectable savory treats,
accessories, clothing items, child-wear and a variety of other products. The average
footfall for both these events is 1000+ each.
In addition to promoting women-led business, these community pop ups also have a fun
streak for the audience’s delight. With singers lined up for live on-stage singing to
engaging activities like giveaways, lucky draws and face-painting; we have entertaining
incentives for all age groups!
The event also provides an excellent and often much needed opportunity for mothers to
take a break from their monotonous and demanding routines, and take out time for
Thus, be it promotion of small businesses, networking among like-minded communities,
or simply having a memorable time with your friends and family; ScaryAmmi’s
Community Pop Ups are Ammi’s lucky break

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