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Chand Raat Ammi Pop Up

To commemorate the festive spirit and tradition of Chand Raat, ScaryAmmi is organizing a Chand Raat Ammi Pop Up at the Ladies Club, Lawrence Road, Lahore on 19th and 20th April, 2023 from 5pm till 12am.

As the Holy Month of Ramadan departs, the hearts feel heavy at the thought of bidding farewell to Muslim’s most anticipated month of the year.

However, the arrival of Eid is a reward for the Muslim Community after fasting for a whole month. The last night of Ramadan is called Chand Raat, in reference to it being the night when the moon for Eid is sighted. This is a festive night for Muslims all over the world and is celebrated in a very traditional manner. With dazzling henna designs adorning the hands of girls and women alike, and a colorful blend of clothing and accessories; the night is a perfect blend of vibrant, unmatched energy which resonates with the festive spirit of the people.

The Chand Raat Ammi Pop Up embraces this exact spirit, and has a number of vendors in attendance, who will be bringing their products ranging from classic treats to essential Eid accessories. With a wide variety of traditional bangles, classic jhumkas and adorned khussas; the Chand Raat Ammi Pop Up will fully embrace the spirit of Chand Raat Festivities.

Other than the scrumptious food stalls and variety of Eid accessories, especially last minute ones, the Pop Up also has a wide range of activities for both the participants and the attendees.

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