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Event Overview

ScaryAmmi is ecxited to announce a two-day Chand Raat Bazar celebration dedicated to mother entrepreneurs and SME's. The Evets aims to provide a friendly atmosphere for mother entrepreneursto exhibit thier products and services and celebrate the spirits of togetherness.

Event Timings

4:30 pm - 11pm

Event Date

19th and 20th April

Event Location

Ladies Club, Lawrence Rd, LHR


Following activities will be happen on event:

Photo Booth
Traditional Music & Singing

Traditional music and live singing will be organized for the audience’s leisure.

Make-Up PopUp

A make-up booth will be placed for women to come and get their makeovers done.

Lucky Draws And Giveways

Lucky draw and giveaways will be conducted for the audience in which different gifts will be distributed among the participants. These gifts will be provided by our vendors.
The following vendors are providing various products for the lucky draw and giveaways:

Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry is dedicated to the cause of promoting women in business. The concept is to develop women entrepreneurs by encouraging entrepreneurship as a means of economic empowerment.

Their main agenda aligns with the principle objective of ScaryAmmi:

to empower women across Pakistan in all walks of life which is why we are collaborating on the Chand Raat Ammi Pop Up.

Therefore, the Women Chamber of Commerce is providing the venue for this event where the festivities will take place.


JAZZ has established a digital platform, providing digital tools to empower its community across Pakistan in the contemporary digital economy by equipping them with the necessary tools.

The goal of JAZZ and ScaryAmmi in promoting digital inclusivity and empowerment of women overlaps, which is why JAZZ is our official sponsor for the Chand Raat Ammi Pop Up.

Jazz aims to digitize all the vendors for their convenience, and provide them with the digital skills necessary for progress in this contemporary digitized world.

Attendees Participation


Blogger Participation

Vendor Participation

Media Participation

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