A fitness trainer, fitness nutritionist, mother of three, and a fit Ammi Zainab talks about her fitness in her interview with ScaryAmmi.

Since she is a fitness trainer, losing weight has never been an issue for her. Her workout sessions and undeniable efforts have made it very easy for her to stay in shape and maintain it.

“I’m a mother of three, after every pregnancy I put on weight but I was never in a hurry to lose my weight” says Zainab.

Zainab also shared that whenever she loses her weight through detox water, diy remedies, or any quick diet she not only loses weight but also her health. You suffer from health loss, your skin may get damaged, you feel lethargic all the time or just lose interest in your daily activities. We learn from the mistakes we make.
My family has some obesity and health issues that make me take extra care of my children. I try to engage them in physical activities and take extra care of their diet.

So I just wondered what if I educate myself first and then educate my family. I realized how important it is to know about health issues and knowing our family’s medical history. So I just started studying and doing research on those lines and Alham du lillah now I am a certified fitness trainer.

Mothers have to be very fit and active in order to keep their families active and fit. Working out and losing weight should not be “just” an activity, it must be a lifestyle. It’s not about losing fats only, it is also about gaining good health. Working out for being a Fit Ammi is not a short term journey, it is a long journey and you might have to deal with a lot of difficulties at the initial stage. But once you start working out you will find relaxation and happiness.

I feel so surprised when I hear women saying that they can’t find time for a workout. I mean how could this be?? You have time for movies, you have time for shopping, time for gossips as well but when it comes to working out you just lost your spirit? Working out is an essential part of our life and people, especially ladies, should be very conscious about it. Your children will always do what they would see you doing rather than following your commands. If your kid saw you watching movies, they will try to reenact. Same is the case with fitness. If you make working out sessions a part of your daily routine, your kids will adopt it automatically.

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