My best friend’s husband is always making eyes at me. Initially when she got married, I thought her husband was just being really friendly to me. He would always come and stand next to me. Often he would give me like a side hug or a social hug. The problem is that no one in our family does these hugs or kisses so I was confused as to why he is doing so but then I thought he comes from a different family and maybe in his family people do so.

I saw him give social hugs and kisses to other women too so I was ok with that. But then once at a shaadi he came and told me that I was the most beautiful woman in the room. That made me feel so weird. Like why would he come and say this to me. Another time he said that he wished he had met me before his wedding. Just yesterday he asked me for my whatsapp number. I felt so weird. Why is he asking me for my number? What is his interest in my life? I began feeling all weird and psyched out. Should I tell my friend?

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