Rasham is a 32-year-old mother to a beautiful daughter and also the founder of MadHatter’s.


She is a teacher by profession and is now running her business along. She shared with us how being an elementary school teacher makes it easier for such ideas to come to her and this venture was also a product of these ideas. About her daily routine, she said, “I wake up at 5:30 am and get ready for my job. I pick up my daughter on my way back from school and we head to MadHatter’s, after looking at the affairs there we come home by evening and the rest of the day belongs to my daughter.”

When it comes to her daughter, spending time with her is one of the most important of things for Rasham. She adjusted her whole routine to fit her daughter when she was born and she is thankful enough for the people around her who were very cooperative. “Thankfully everyone around me and my workplace was cooperative and adapted to my schedule. So there is a very small part of the day where she is without me and once I am back from school, she accompanies me everywhere I go.”


We asked her if she ever second-guessed her decision to work to which she replied, “Well, initially yes, I did. This is because everything was so new but with time everything settles into place and its best to have a routine.” She is big on having a set routine and she admitted that she majorly lacked on it while she was on her maternity break. “Most of the day was just spent lazing away without doing anything productive,” she said. Rasham also said that her husband has been her biggest support through it all. As being a working mother has its cons, socialising is the hardest part for her, “Being a working mom, our routine is set and we already have to get so much done in a day that after doing it all you just want to relax and spend time at home with family.”

On being asked about her view on who has it harder – working moms or stay-at-home moms, she said, “Both! I have stayed at home for a couple of months also and really there is so much to do at home as well! So staying at home or working really depends on the type of person you are but both have their own challenges.” But, she does not want to go back on her decision to be a working mother and she encourages others to act on such decisions too. She said, “Go for it! There is never a perfect time. If you really want to do something go for it and you will see everything else fall into place.”

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