An Islamabad court has issued notices to all parties, including U.S President, Donald Trump seeking damages from the government for ‘negligence’ in curbing the spread of the coronavirus. According to Independent Urdu report, the petition was filed by a citizen named Shah Sarwar in which he said that his father Omar Khattab, who was the sole breadwinner of the house, had contracted the coronavirus and could not survive.

He has named Secretary of National Health Services, Chairman NDMA, Country Head of the World Health Organization and U.S President Donald Trump as parties in his petition. Shah Sarwar’s petition seeks damages worth PKR 49 million, to which Civil Judge, Haider Ali Shah’s court has issued notices to all parties, including the federal government and sought reply.

Arif Gigiani, counsel for the petitioner, told The Independent Urdu that the first hearing was held on Wednesday in which the court declared the case admissible after initial arguments. He said that the notice of the U.S President would be sent to the U.S Embassy in Islamabad.

As per Independent Urdu, when asked why the U.S President was made a party to the petition, the petitioner’s lawyer said: The United States is the largest donor to health care, so it was the United States’ job to control the virus in a timely manner through the World Health Organization. When the website asked where the virus originated from, that was not made a party to the petition.

Lawyer Arif Gigiani replied that China did its best to prevent the spread of the virus and informed the World Health Organization in a timely manner and failed to fulfill the responsibility. He added that when the virus reached Pakistan, the government of Pakistan also failed to control the virus. The petitioner’s father contracted the coronavirus while on duty but was not tested at any government hospital, so he was forced to pay Rs 10,000 from a private laboratory for a test which turned out to be positive.

The petitioner’s father later died of respiratory problems. According to the petition, they spent all their savings on the treatment of the coronavirus, without any cooperation from the government or government hospitals, the Independent Urdu said.

“When he was taken to a government hospital for oxygen, he was mistreated and ignored, which led to his death.” “Now I am the sole breadwinner of the house. In addition, the petition seeks compensation for the damage caused to coronavirus, not to be left at the mercy of circumstances, to be treated as a Pakistani citizen.” The court issued notice to the parties for a reply and adjourned the hearing till July 8.


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