Parenting is not a skill-course thing that you take special classes to become a very good parent. It is not an art or a business. It is the natural love in your heart that knows no boundaries. It is an experience that teaches you infinite things. When you become a parent, you automatically become the most fearless person in the world. It is very important to deal with kids according to their mental stage instead of expecting them to understand your situation. Tell them about the worst and best part behind every aspect and let them make their own decisions. Scaryammi wants to share the best parenting tips that are going to help you in developing a better understanding of your relationship with your children.


Understand, don’t underestimate.

You can make your relationship unmatchable if you become successful in developing a better understanding of your child. Without understanding, there can be a lot of difficulties. Better mutual understanding helps in living life in a better and peaceful way. You can know about your child’s weaknesses and strengths. In an era where we are standing today, there are a lot of trust issues in children and they hide their personal issues. But if your kid knows that you understand the circumstances they are going through and they won’t be judged, it becomes comfortable for them to share their secrets or issues with you.


Stay away from comparing!

Avoid comparing your kids with any other kid. Every human being on this planet is born with different qualities and your kid is one the most unique creature of the world. Every person has different mindsets, believes, opinions and tastes. Nobody is the same and consider it as a plus point of your child. Comparing your child with other children only makes them feel inferior and not good enough. Their mental state will automatically start shrinking and they will start losing interest in their activities. They will start living a miserable life thinking that they have a long race to run and a lot of people to compete with.

Give them some self-confidence by not comparing them with the other kids around them. Tell them that they are doing the best they could and appreciate them for everything they do. If they are making any DIY products, make their efforts count and appreciate them for everything they do.


Look at your food.

According to the research “you are what you eat”.

You’re eating habits at home has a very big influence in your child’s life. If you are providing them healthy meals two or three times a day then don’t worry about sending them to abroad for studying. The habits developed at an early age is going to stay with your child just like their religion. Give them strong roots and forget about the fear of watching them suffering from bad health. The way you move around our home is a silent way of teaching them the ways of living life. You’re eating habits will make them understand the fact that it is important to eat healthily for life.


Watch your actions

There is a famous saying that your kids won’t follow your advice, they will follow your actions. Instead of forcing kids to go to the mosque for prayers bring them with you. Don’t just say it, do it! Your actions will make them automatically attracted your kids and instead of saying “yes!” to your command they will practically follow your action. Do your personal chores by yourself and you will find your child doing the same. And this is no bad thing to make them do their tasks instead it is the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet.

Give your child proper attention and make sure they never feel left out. Discuss the matter and value their ideas and decisions. Make sure that your kids are totally engaged with everything you discuss with them.


Be a spy!

Here being spy means investigating their actions, use of the internet, social circle and friends gathering without making them realize that you are watching.  The best favor you can do to your kid is being their friend so that they don’t look for friends outside the home. Stay in contact with their friends and keep everything in your notice about their notice.

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