We interviewed Amna Kardar on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and she explained why it is so important for her.

Clad in a red shirt specifically for Valentine’s, she started off by telling how at a party ten years back she realised her water broke on the 14th of February, “I was at a Valentine’s Day party – dancing away. When I came back home I realised I had gone into labour.” The delivery was scheduled for two days prior but got delayed, “ That was it. My daughter, she wanted to come out on Valentine’s.”

She was not in the favour of her daughter being born on the same day as The Valentine’s day so, she tried to hold the birth off for a little while. “I was adamant and refused to go to the hospital that day. I wanted her day to be special,” she said. But, as she had already gone into labour she had to go to the hospital. “But luck had it and she came out on the 15th,” she explained with a smile.

Experiencing the process of becoming a mother on this day of love always made it special for her, “So, love for me began properly on that day. I always associate the day with her and she is the love of my life.” But, this does not mean this famous personality ends her description of love right here. Similar to a lot of us, she admits how she is all for the sappy kind of love, “DDLJ is my favourite movie of all time, I have always wanted that kind of love.”

When it comes to romantic songs and writing love letters, she has done all that. Amna went on to explain how for her wedding anniversary last year, her husband took her to Australia, “As our anniversary is also in February so, we sort of combined the two days.” As an additional present, she asked her husband to take her skydiving. “For me, it was exhilarating. For him, as he is afraid of heights, not so much. He kept screaming how he only did it for me,” she laughed.

A lot of special moments in her life have taken place around this day that is what makes it is so important for her. But, she believes no one should restrict love or acts of love to just this day. “We have the full year, why do wait for this one day?” she asked. She further added, “I think love should not be restricted to one relationship or person and it should be spread all year long.”

As a conclusion, she said, “Spend it with people that you love, people that bring happiness to you, who bring love in your life, and those who bring positivity in your life. I think that should be the gist of The Valentine’s Day.”

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