The owner of the beauty brand Beauty Hooked – Sehar joined us for Valentine’s Day special photoshoot.

Accompanying her was her adorable son. She also answered some questions that we had for her.

1. Who do you love the most?

My son Arayaan. Will always, always hold a very special place in my heart. I can’t imagine life without him.

2. Do you think the love for a child is the purest form of love there is?

It is. But I also feel true love in any form, be it between a spouse and a wife or between an individual and their parents is purest because if it is true, it becomes unconditional.

3. Was it love at first sight with your baby?

When Arayaan was born I was not ready, so there was a lot of adjustment involved for both of us. But when the reality hit, it hit hard and it was unbelievable how much love I had for him and that love just unconditionally mushroomed. We are inseparable, he is my day and my night, my everything in a nutshell. I can not imagine life without him and have never really known that this extent of unconditional love, attachment, and overwhelming feeling for another being could actually exist. Arayaan is truly my special gift from God, and I am so incredibly thankful every single day for having him in my life to feel this way. Can’t wait to see what our journey together holds.

4. How do you show your love to your children?

Showing him time and time again, that no matter what, I will leave the world to be there for him and only him. Besides that…the basics…lots of Cuddles, long reading sessions, lots of smothering and kisses, mommy and baby ice cream and junk food binge sessions (because he knows no one else in the house will allow it : )).

5. Do you find it hard to reprimand or scold your child?

Oh god Yes. My heart breaks every time. It is weird. And no matter how hard I try I am not built for it honestly. I am a super, super tough cookie generally, have been since I can remember, and anyone you ask would say that first thing about me. But when it comes to Arayaan, he knows he completely owns his mama lol. So I have given up even trying. The disciplinarian role has been handed over to my husband for eternity.

6. How has having a baby affected your relationship with your husband?

It has added a whole new depth to it. Every thoughtful thing he does for me and Arayaan, no matter how little or how meaningless they may seem to others, makes me feel like he is the best husband in the world, and I am the luckiest women to be married to him.


Photography Credits: Miqs Studio

Decor Credits: Pastel Events

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