By Sana Waqar

Parenting comes with its share of challenges and for most parents, the mother of all challenges, is the annual summer break. When our seemingly organised schedules go for a toss, house rules are chucked out of the window, every other hour is ‘snack time’ and the screens seem to be begging for a break.

Keeping kids entertained at home can be quite a task, especially when its too hot to step outside. How many toys can we buy their time with? How much screentime can we unquiveringly allow? How many spill ups can we really clean?

When I think about summer vacations back in the day, it takes me back to a simple time when screentime meant one hour of cartoon network in the afternoon and toys were really very minimalistic.

I was wondering how WE got through our summer vacations without the crutches our kids are made to rely on and then it hit me, yes! of course! We had hobbies! We got through our excruciatingly long vacations because we had hobbies!

I really feel one of the best things you can teach your kids in todays time and age is how to entertain themselves..whether its making their own stamp collection, stain glassing the bottles around the house or creating their own stash, a hobby can keep them entertained.

One healthy indulgence can be reading. As someone who is committed to getting kids to read, I truly believe books are the best of friends. They last a lifetime and the experience of reading a book can be so liberating for young adults.  Every summer is a new opportunity for your kids to seek some new literary friendships!

Reading over the summer will not only keep their language and comprehension skills in check but will also encourage your kids to explore the world around them through the plethora of literature suited for their age. Reading to younger kids improves their language and literacy skills to name a few and for older kids, it expands their world views. The benefits are many, yet the takers are few.

Kids are unwilling to commit to paperback and parents find it hard to get them something that is age and interest appropriate.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be bringing you the best of childrens’ Literature from my collection of books. These are reads I treasure and feel should be a part of every child’s world.

These compilations will include some of best books your kids can read this summer and will not only make your trip to the bookstore easier but will also allow your kids to benefit from the best of age appropriate material that will hopefully resonate with them and encourage them to take up reading as a hobby.

Here’s to a summer of reading adventures that will allow our kids to experience the joy of reading and help them explore and tap into their potential as readers and thinkers.

Writer Sana Waqar is a mom of two, a book enthusiast and avid reader and admirer of children’s literature. She currently runs The Reading Nook, a reading club for adolescents in Lahore.

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