Symah Nazir is an educationist and a public speaker by profession and an Ammi of 10 years old son. She believes that there is always something new and good in every inspirational story and today she is sharing her journey of how she has built her life. She is a single parent and a daring lady who didn’t let a broken marriage be a hurdle for her studies and completed her MBA after becoming a mother.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am Symah Nazir. I am an educationist and a public speaker and a single (but strong parent) who stood and took a step for my 10 years old son. Providing a well-maintained lifestyle for my son has always been my sole responsibility. When I ended my relationship I knew I had to stay strong and get so busy that I would hardly find time to worry about the situation I am going through.

What is your educational background?

I find education to be the best way to keep yourself busy so, I enrolled myself in MBA (HR Degree) and
completed my studies after becoming a mother. One degree followed by another one to get where I am

What inspired you to start your career?

When I found myself in a position I had no control over along with this huge responsibility that I have – my son – I started to think about ways I can use to get out of the trauma. As being an Ammi I just could not have left my life as it is. I had to step up, move forward and that’s what I did. Instead of crying and grieving over the past, I started working and looking for opportunities that I could avail to provide a better living standard. I believe the biggest tool that helped in starting my journey was “looking forward”.

You have to leave the past into the past and make a new start. When there were hundreds of hardships in front of me I had to get a hold of myself and get back on track from where I got derailed. I was afraid that the energy I had would be wasted in complaining and crying if I didn’t start working. I was extremely upset because of the situation I was put through and the only thing that looked like a ray of hope to me was getting back to my education. It really made me feel empowered. I was committed to improving myself and I got so busy that I hardly found time to think about the incidents that had happened and motivated me to look forward to a better future. I know I have to do this and everything that I will gain from this resilient nature is directly benefiting my son and his life.

Why did you choose public speaker as your profession?

I wanted to adopt a profession where I got to interact with more people, learn about their problems and
inspire them. I know I am not the only one to face this hurt, betrayal, and hardship but not everyone is capable of getting back on the track real quick, especially women. When a woman is broke, her energies and superpowers just vanish. They need a lot of attention and empowerment to get back in their life.
I believe that no one’s life is perfect and not every story is inspirational. But I also believe that there is always something to learn in every story. Every story of struggle and hardship can be helpful to others. Just like when I ended my relationship I knew I had to do something for my son. As a result, I enrolled in different degrees and never stopped until I was where I am standing at the moment.

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