In our extremely hectic lives, many of us especially all the ammis ignore their health and fitness. We keep moving from one task to another and end up falling on the bed feeling extremely exhausted and emotionally drained. While our routine chores, duties and pressures do stress out, not many of us realize that the stress is rooted in the lack of having a good fitness routine.

That said, there are ammis who acknowledge the importance of paying attention to their health and body, and stay true to that principle by maintaining a good fitness routine. One such ammi is Wardah K. Emaan, founder of Funco. Scaryammi decided to interview this charming, gorgeous lady to get better insight into her fitness routine and to inspire other ammis to better care for themselves as well.

Interview with Wardah K. Emaan

Scaryammi: What is your fitness routine?
Wardah: With 3 kids it’s difficult to have a fitness routine, but thanks to Funco I get to work out with my kids!

Scaryammi: What makes you passionate about health and fitness?
Wardah: I have always been athletic. In all of my three pregnancies, I gained 30 kilos so it’s crazy to get back in shape, but I’m very tough on myself, I don’t feel good till I feel fit!

Scaryammi: Since when have you been taking care of your health and fitness?
Wardah: Since I was a fat kid, I loved eating, I still do! I work hard in maintaining a healthy eating routine and working out to maintain a balance! I do cheat!

Scaryammi: What keeps you going daily?
Wardah: I’m a very driven person, results drive me! So seeing fitness results always motivates me to push myself further. I haven’t bounced back after my third child and it has taken the longest this time!

Scaryammi: What does a healthy workout mean for you?
Wardah: A good 30 min cardio is a minimum work out for me! Usually I try and split it up in the week between weight training, interval and cardio and resistance training.

Scaryammi: How important is a healthy diet in staying fit?
Wardah: Diet is everything! It’s 80% diet and 20% working out in my opinion!

Scaryammi: How do you feel on days when you don’t work out?
Wardah: I feel guilty eating when I don’t work out, but sometimes you just need a break!

Scaryammi: What are your favorite physical activities?
Wardah: These days all my physical activities are on Trampolines and I love it!

Scaryammi: How has staying fit and active affected your life?
Wardah: These days I have more energy and feel happier the days I work out in Funco. I love the trainers there as they push you on days you need to be pushed! I got a terrible back injury two years ago and fitness is the only thing that helped me get back!

Scaryammi: How much do you prioritize your health and fitness?
Wardah: It’s a major priority in my life because my husband is also a health freak! He’s another level!

Scaryammi: What are your fitness goals?
Wardah: I need to achieve a lot of goals by the end of the year! Most importantly get rid of my lower belly, after 3 c sections it doesn’t seem to budge!

Scaryammi: Any message to all the ladies who struggle with managing their weight, but cannot seem to do anything about it?
Wardah: Managing your diet is more important than managing a work out, and work out doesn’t mean you need a gym, you can do workouts at home in the bathroom, basically anywhere you want! You just need to be motivated! You have to push yourself. Sometimes you don’t see results immediately but that doesn’t mean you stop! It’s about a healthy lifestyle!

That sure was a lovely interview. Thank you Wardah for taking out the time to do this and best of luck to you to achieve all your goals. So ammis, now that you have taken a sneak peek into Wardah’s passion for fitness, let us know what excites you and how passionate are you to stay fit and healthy.

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