Tabish Rehman is a widow and a mother of 4 years old. Her journey as a single parent started after the death of her husband who was brutally murdered at his own home.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

I am Tabish Rehman and my journey as a single mother started from 1.5 years back when I was shifted to Lahore with my husband after marriage. Everything was going fine until one day when I came back home from university and I saw my husband lying still in his bed. We had breakfast together and went to our offices but when we came back I was shocked to see him dead. This brutal act was done by his enemy over some property issues. I fought for his justice but due to the lack of adequate facilities in the judiciary system of our country, I couldn’t remove the bail case for the opposite party in the high court.

Anyhow, Allah Pak has always been very kind upon me and my daughter. He gave me the strength to accept reality and make the right decisions at the right time and kept struggling to give my daughter everything a father would give to his daughter. when I look back and see how I coped with that trauma and came out of it I still feel very surprised and shocked because I had no idea I could be this strong. I had to do everything that it takes to provide my daughter with everything her father was providing her.

  • Who was your biggest support during this tough time?

Without a second thought, the first name that came to my mind is my Boss. Because she was also a single parent so she knew about the circumstances I was going through. She not only supports me but also guided me at every step and made sure I and my daughter are doing fine. She kept checking on us. After them, it is my in-laws. They always supported me in every stage and always encouraged me to fight for myself and my daughter. Special credit goes to my mother-in-law and my husband’s nieces and nephews. They stood as a youth and supported me in every situation where I almost lost my hope.

When it comes to my own family, almost all of them wanted me to forget about the case, go back to Karachi and settle down there except my mother. She said I should stay in Lahore and keep fighting for justice.

  • How are you dealing with your child?

She is living a normal life that a 4 years old kid lives. She knows that her father is up there, looking over her and sending her gifts. I still have not decided what should I tell her about her father when she will grow up but I believe that Allah Pak will give her the strength to accept this bitter reality. I am sure that the achievements of my husband will make his daughter proud of him.

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