Eid -ul -Fitr has no connection with any historical event nor it is a festival related in any way to worldly affairs.

Its significance is purely spiritual. It is the day when the Muslims thank Allah for having given them the will, the strength and the endurance to observe fast and obey His commandment during the holy month of Ramadhan. This day, in the Muslim world, brings rejoicing and happiness. The rejoicing is not, however, at the departure of the month of Ramadhan; it is the happiness which man feels after successfully completing an important task.

So far as the passing away of the month of Ramadhan is concerned, Muslim religious leaders of the early days of Islam always felt profound sorrow when it came to an end, as they felt that they were being deprived of the spiritual blessings which were associated with the month of fasting.

Eid-ul -Fitr is related to such blessings because it is on this day that the strict restrictions of the preceding month are lifted. Unfortunately, in some places, this resumption of the normal activities is misinterpreted as a licence to indulge in activities prohibited in Islam. Fortunately, such trends are not common yet; but such people should be made to understand the significance of Eid -ul-Fitr. Religious observances of the Eid-ul-Fitr are designed to offer thanks to Allah for He helped us in accomplishing the aim of Ramadan.

Surely, it would be an affront to Allah if anybody, after thanking Him for completing that spiritual training, goes right away sinning against Him.

This day poses an opportunity for spiritual stock-taking, after the month of Ramadan. We Muslims can now ponder over the strength (or weakness) of our will power. Because it is under the act of fasting, the hidden qualities (or evils) of the human character come to surface in such clear way which is, perhaps, not possible otherwise. Therefore, we get a chance of self-diagnosis of the traits of his character, which probably no one else may ever detect.

On this day, special prayers are held the all over the world, between sunrise and noon, when Muslims assemble, in large congregations, wearing their best dresses standing shoulder to shoulder, demonstrating for everyone the universal brotherhood which is another distinguishing feature of Islam — the religion of God. Though most countries will not be able to carry this out this year.

May this year bring Muslims closer to each other, spread joy and love to all. Especially in times like this. May Allah (SWT) continue to grant us peace in the world and also bless all believers to the path of righteousness! Ameen

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