The Scaryammi Book Club is just what every busy ammi needs! It’s a book and bfast meetup with ammis who are interested in reading books, discussing books and learning about books. The group meets every 4 weeks and discusses a book they chose earlier. The first book club was based on the book by Elif Shafak titled Forty Rules Of Love and was a heated and involved discussion of how the forty rules apply to one’s life today. The second book club was based on the New York Times best seller Becoming Michelle Obama and involved an American bfast, a riveting discussion and a debate on what it means to compromise one’s identity for one’s motherhood. The third book club (pictures attached) was based on the book Hijabistan by Sabyn Javeri and was different from the previous ones because it involved a skype discussion with the author. Though the book is a collection of short stories, it led to an involved discussion over what the hijab really means. 

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