Mothers face exceptional difficulty while preparing their kids for the challenging exam time because they have to cover the entire syllabus the school has given. However, following some practical tips can help your children master the concepts very easily for exam revision. Scaryammi has come up with some practical yet useful tips for all mothers who are ready to support their kids for the final examination.

Get Familiar with Summative Assessment Timetable

Firstly, For supporting exam student, you have to know the exam timetable as it can prove beneficial from all sides. Simply knowing the date, day and time of the exam can help you make your child’s study schedule beforehand. You can contact the school administration for getting the latest timetable.

Offer Short-term Awards for Boosting Productivity

Giving short-term gifts to your kids for enhancing their academic performance and helping them reach excellence is not a bad idea. Kids can shout out that you have stopped a number of leisure activities, but the offer of something better afterwards can help them calm down and stay focused.

Following are suggestions of several awards that they can have once they have learned some concepts properly.

  • Taking a warm bubble bath in bath tub.
  • An hour of their favorite show on Netflix
  • Picnic to the amusement park at the end of the week
  • Motivate them by Highlighting their consistent efforts
  • Have a small party with their friends at home

These small pleasure create intrinsic motivation and mental strength in students as it create ease along the way as they may consider exams awful tough task.

Motivate Children to Set and Achieve the Goals

For children, appearing in exams is no less than climbing a mountain, so you must keep encouraging them to study more by highlighting their progress. Set short-term goals and advise them strategies to reach those goals. Teach them to achieve competency in different areas and then appreciate them for their hard work.

Teach Your Kids the Exam Technique

Shifting the strategy is necessary and now it is the time to teach exam technique for all the tasks and subjects. Setting timer for completing tasks and seeing their performance in time frame can help them finish the homework. Practicing exam time technique will help them in the longer run as they will be able to work in time skillfully.

Keep shedding light on the intrinsic fears by encouraging them speak about their feelings. Scaryammi hopes that these proven tactics can give great relief to all the mothers who want their kids to perform well during exam time.


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