The whole truth behind Maria B and her covid-19 positive chef.

You might have heard about this or probably missed it due to the relentless bombardment of posts, videos, news, and even messages regarding different factors of coronavirus, we’ll tell you what the latest issue is revolving around Maria Butt a famous Lahore based fashion designer and the unavoidable coronovirus.

So this is what happened recently when the famous Pakistani designer Maria B uploaded a video of herself, in it she seemed very upset and emotionally charged and said the police raided her house in the middle of the night and arrested her husband without letting them call their lawyer, and said the police were not only uncouth and forceful but also disregarded their privacy and principles.

She went on to appealing to the Prime Minister Imran Khan for taking some action and seeing into the matter. When seeing the video you do feel sympathy for her and her family and think the police did wrong by entering somebody’s house at that time of the day and not letting them do anything about it.

“I cannot tell you how these people behaved yesterday…they used the butt of the gun to break my door open,” Tahir Saeed husband of Maria B said.

“When I opened the door I was shocked to see three vehicles from two different police stations and 20-25 men had come to get me.”

Well we think there are always two sides of the same story.

According to the police spokesman the husband of Maria B, Tahir Saeed, transported his chef namely Hafiz Umar Farooq, out of the city despite knowing that the laboratory test of the later for coronavirus infection was found positive. In the at hand emergency situation reporting of such incidents to health department is obligatory.  According to the spokesman, coronavirus patient Hafiz Omar met a number of people during his journey and in his native village, Karampur, Tehshil Melsi, leaving hundreds of innocent people exposed to the virus.

In spite of the ongoing crisis situation all over the world, the accused Tahir Saeed was found accountable of criminal activity on his part”. On having information, Nishtar Colony police station registered case No. 1174/20 against the accused and arrested him. Later the accused was released on bail according to the law.

“It is unfortunate that after putting lives of hundreds of people in danger, Maria B is criticizing the police” regretted the Spokesman. “After Tahir Saeed’s criminal act, the entire village will have to be kept in quarantine. In this regard, the health department has initiated measures” the statement said.

The spokesperson said that the police fulfilled their duty under Section 144 and Police Order and would continue taking actions against law breakers.

Later however, the designer and her husband explained in another video what had happened, saying that weird news had been circulating the internet, sitting alongside the designer, Saeed said that the incident was one of “pure panic” and “abuse”. He said that around 20-25 police officers had come to get him. He said he had not resisted the police and had asked them why they had come to get him and where they were going to take him.

They also said they wanted to clear some misconceptions Maria’s video had caused and how in the panic created, the scenario became unpleasant.

Maria B soon started trending on Twitter in Pakistan and thousands of posts about the issue rolled in. Largely, people were not convinced of Butt’s stance and slammed the couple for allegedly not following proper protocol regarding known a coronavirus patient. Many took the opportunity to talk about “elite class privilege” in the country.

Here’s the point of views of some Pakistanis on social media:

 “This family is unwilling to self-quarantine, not giving up elite parties, their cook was positive, instead of informing authorities they sent him to village in a bus. Still they are not culprit but authorities are… She is Maria B!”

“If the Maria B story is true, then all it proves is that the rich in Pakistan feel no responsibility for individuals, society or country. Only themselves.”

“I love how Maria B thinks that she can turn on the camera and tell the PM during a pandemic to care about her reckless husband who sends COVID-19 positive patients on bus rides. Elite class Privilege in Pakistan knows no bounds. Some minister will get him released.”

Others went on to say:

“I am utterly disappointed at MariaB’s way of handling the situation, and even more at her petty behavior of trying to emerge as bigger person in this situation by saying ‘who would have known if we havent got him tested’. I mean get a life.
She failed her social responsibility.”

“Hear hear!
And everyone who’s saying we all make mistakes, if your mistakes are of this gravity then you sure deserve jail time 🤷‍♀”

“Apney ghar may kamra na daithi, just relevant authorities ko contact hi kar daithi. What a mess, so many people have been put at risk because of her actions.”

“She is such a person who is a working lady and knows how things work in society…. I just have one question:
Agher iski family ya isky business main koi issue atta tou kiya tab b yea itna ignorant behave kertay? No they will go extra miles for their problems and giving a statement like lab didn’t tell us what to do is a big question mark on them ?? Are they ok …everyone knows u have to inform hospital or call any help line it’s all over media on social media …its such a lame video…shame on them”

“The video explaining their side of the story sounded insincere and selfish. I have no sympathy for her or her husband.”

What do you guys think of the whole incident?

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